About Evertel

Evertel is a secure collaboration platform for the public safety market that brings the right people, information, and tools together in one space. Our intuitive platform helps agencies of all sizes—small towns, big cities, and everything in between—to work together more effectively to protect their communities.

The story

From the very start, the aim has always been to connect the country’s public safety agencies together to share intel, collaborate, and communicate better to improve the safety of our communities. With three retired police chiefs on our team, we understand the challenges 1st responders face because we’ve experienced them first-hand. We’ve combined that experience with strong technology leaders to deliver a tool that finally delivers on the promise of simple connectivity and efficient information flow.

We have built Evertel from the ground up with a total focus on public safety and the unique use-cases and requirements therein – including security, mobility, and compliance. 

In 2021 we were acquired by WSI Technologies, further solidifying our stability and commitment to accomplish our bigger vision with an additional 40+ years of experience in serving the public safety market.

In 2019 we rebranded from BLUE to Evertel to bring our brand in line with the organization and the market we serve. (You can only hear those in Fire & Rescue say “why isn’t it called Red?” so many times before you know it’s time for a change.)

The pillars we're built on...

Intuitive Technology

1st responders don't have time to waste learning yet another piece of technology. That's why we keep Evertel simple, familiar, and easy to use.

Experience & Insight

We fully understand the pain points and challenges of our customers because we have performed their duties. Evertel is designed around these real-world experiences.

Superior Customer Service

Our customers' work is mission-critical, and we treat customer support the same way. We are attentive, responsive, and dedicated to providing world-class support.

Stability & Reliability

Reliability and stability as a company and as a product are critical for our customers. We're strong, well-supported, and here for the long-run.

Proudly serving those in public safety

Law Enforcement

Establish true interoperability with instant intelligence sharing and organized chatrooms

Fire & Rescue

Coordinate your efforts and get all of the information you need—before you’re on scene

Emergency Management

Address crisis events faster than ever with a stronger communications network


Stay informed with immediate updates from your public safety agencies and first responders