Understanding your team...

To manage a team, you have to know their roles and permissions in Evertel. To best delegate daily operations. Click each tab below to view a summary for each agency-specific role…

Do Guests have an agency role?

Guests' permissions are limited to the room and the room settings they were invited. They can view the room history & connect with users in that room only.

  • Guests cannot be given permissions to manage rooms within an agency.
  • Guests only have access to rooms they're designated within an agency.
      • They cannot access other Agency-Wide or Team rooms, or EverDocs (without a primary agency) in the platform.
  • They can invite users to DM conversations.
      • any room members will be available in their Evertel contacts list.
      • anyone else would have to be searchable in order for them to connect.

Guests are not considered nor intended to have official agency roles.