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The Challenge

Across the nation, public safety agencies aicre experiencing staffing lows that approach crisis. Statewide police reforms, COVID-19, and low morale all contribute to this perfect storm of a staffing disaster.  

The good news is that a crisis can lead to reactive and positive change.  Evertel aims to support efforts in law enforcement staffing and progress–working ceaselessly to improve employee efficiency in daily operations.  Read on to learn more about Evertel’s revolutionary intuitive interagency communication app and how it can change your agency overnight.  


The Solution

Evertel focuses their effort on streamlining communication in order to create more informed, productive, and empowered public safety agents.  As a direct result, Evertel saves agencies time, money, and resources.  These critical resources can then be reallocated toward staff development, cohesion, and culture–which in turn support staff recruitment, retainment, and ultimately safer communities.  

Evertel decreases administrative costs as well as time and frequency of briefings through their interoperability agency communication.  With one click, your squad is brought up to date with any new directives or intelligence.  Radio chatter is finally streamlined and unclogged, leaving you with only the necessary.  Furthermore, ‘after action’ reports are transformed when you give staff access to the chat room.  Entire operations are automatically logged and stored perpetually on the cloud.  

This intuitive interagency communication tool affords you the ability to staff special events faster and decrease dispatcher overtime costs on special events.  From the palm of your hand, you are able to keep agents informed directly as event details evolve, thus saving administrative and dispatcher costs.  Dispatcher overtime cost isn’t the only savings–crime scene techs are able to view short videos of crime scenes and quickly assess exactly how many and who are needed on-scene.  

When Public Information Requests come through the pipeline, it is as simple as giving them access to Evertel’s audit feature.  Within 3-5 minutes, information is secured and staff can go back to keeping communities safe.  


The Proof

When the Pandemic hit the public safety sector in late March 2020, it changed everything. Police squad briefings, internal meetings, community meetings, and even how the city’s EOC (emergency operations center) would be staffed and operated, were suddenly flipped on their head. Agencies simply could not risk having employees be in such close quarters for long periods of time.

Evertel agencies used each of their patrol squad’s ‘team rooms’ to post briefing information and daily intelligence bulletins.  This scalable interagency communication provided every employee the ability to actually read and prepare for their shift without having to report to the police station.  When ‘in-person meetings’ were canceled, all police officers were able to stay updated instantly.  Evertel afforded public safety officers the ability to keep themselves and their community safe.  

In Surprise, Arizona the city’s emergency manager worked with Evertel’s support team and created a “Virtual EOC,” activating the city’s full emergency operations center from the Evertel platform.  Every department head was connected and the safety information was immediately distributed city-wide, increasing efficiency, safety, and information flow to all employees.

Agencies who had not yet transitioned to the Evertel app were left waiting and waiting for information to be distributed to them regarding the pandemic, response policies, safety protocols, etc.  In Dallas PD for example, there were thousands of police officers left unprepared, uninformed, and in harm’s way.  Within a few months, there were massive employee infections and safety supply shortages due to a lack of informational updates. The police union took a negative turn– leading to staffing shortages, increased crime rate, and delayed response times across the city.  


While the nation is still reeling from a pandemic and cultural change, public safety agencies have never been more needed.  Staffing lows are a natural result of a perfect storm of recent challenges facing public safety agents; however, Evertel is equipping agencies with compliant interagency communication and helping you serve your community like never before.   

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