Improve Team Communication

Effective public safety requires everyone to be in the loop at all times. With Evertel, teams can finally share and receive all of their intel in one, coordinated place.

A better way to work

Organize work in rooms

In Evertel, conversations are organized in rooms. Rooms can be created for each team/unit, case, project, or topic. You can assemble the right people in one space and gain alignment around a common goal.

Keep teams in sync

Rooms allow teams to see the same information at the same time. New members can join with complete context and can catch up on the conversations with total historical visibility.

Increase productivity

Your conversations and files form a searchable archive as you work in rooms, and that level of organization becomes increasingly valuable over time. Without having to go looking for people or information, you can find answers, gain perspective, and make smarter judgments.

Evertel Rooms
Keep teams informed with Evertel
Looped-in not looped-out

Keep your teams well-informed

With the Evertel app, you can create open rooms that allow your staff to enter conversations freely and join any discussion—at any time, and from anywhere.

Improve agency culture

Communication is at the heart of any team effort. Evertel breaks down barriers between staff to help agencies improve workflow. This creates a more collaborative work environment and builds a better culture across the board.

Increase employee engagement

Evertel enhances overall cross-team communication and fosters stronger engagement among employees. Fostering a sense of community in the agency is essential to getting the job done right.

Establish trust and boost morale

Establish trust and boost morale by providing an open line of communication between leadership and other people in the agency. You'll remove the feeling of exclusion because everyone can have equal access to intelligence on Evertel.

Better than email

Minimize distractions

Teams that use Evertel minimize distractions because they rely less on meetings and email. Evertel rooms play a critical role for aligning your line-level and operations staff because all of the information is easily accessible and organized.


Evertel offers a clean and clutter-free interface, unlike email, where you have to wade through unwanted messages before you can track the real conversations.

Simple to use

What makes Evertel truly stand-out is its ease of use. Evertel's chronological messaging makes it easy to track and follow conversations.

Reduce the noise

Evertel users have the ability to choose when—and how—they receive their notifications. It’s easy to mute rooms or disable notifications while off-duty or on vacation.

Evertel minimize distrations

Increase the visibility of intel

Notifications in Evertel provide visibility into everything that happens around a team, case, or project. Because all of your intel is housed in one, convenient place, you can find exactly what you need to know—and even search the archives for additional details.

Real-time updates

Instant messaging means you get second-by-second intelligence. Proactive notifications ensure that nothing will get buried in an endless email chain.

Share documents, images, audio and videos

Teams can share key evidence to progress the conversation and keep their collaboration operating at its best.

Intelligence bulletins

You'll no longer need to circulate BOLO PDF's every time new case information is received. Streamline your workload with priority intelligence sharing, and direct your team’s focus to resolve issues faster than ever before.


Industry-leading Security & Compliance

We understand the critical nature of the data you share as a government agency, so we’ve gone to great lengths to protect it so you can trust that your data stays secure and compliant.

CJIS Compliant
FOIA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
FIPS Validated
Evertel Shield

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