Crisis Management

Keep the lines of communication open in an emergency

With Evertel, first responders can seamlessly communicate, coordinate, and share content across agencies and jurisdictions through a secure, easy-to-use interface.


Share critical insights across agencies in real-time

First responders use Evertel to communicate and share critical information among multiple agencies, regardless of whether their agency is an Evertel customer or not.

Incident Command rooms

During crisis events, seamlessly communicate, coordinate and share data across agencies and jurisdictions regardless of device, network, or carrier.

Collaborate with non-Evertel agencies

In Evertel, you can bring agencies into your collaboration spaces even if they are not an Evertel customer. Bring them in as guests or open an Incident Command room for true interoperability.

Controlled access

While you have control over access to your rooms at all times, in situations where you don't know which agencies are responding, control access by agency type or by agency location (state or radius).

Speed of Intel

Statewide deployments

It’s essential for public safety agencies to communicate and coordinate effectively with other emergency services during critical events. Whether a local event or a large-scale crisis with agencies from multiple jurisdictions responding, Evertel scales with your needs.

Instant connections

Bring all of the right parties into the same conversation. When a situation is widespread, you need to make sure everyone is getting their intel in real-time.

Open dialogue

Build new lines of communication in a structured environment. No more endless email chains, and no more chaos with radio chatter or phone call follow-ups.


Communicate with any agency, community leader, or expert

Now, everyone can get on the same page during crisis events. Simply build chatrooms according to the situation at hand, and then invite the relevant parties into the conversation.

Closed environment

Evertel is a closed environment for public safety and vetted individuals ONLY.


Evertel integrates with a variety of systems that public safety agencies and municipalities are already using.

Stay in sync with city leaders

Built to augment, not replace

Evertel does not replace LMR for crisis situations. Nor does it replace CAD, RMS, or other management and data retention systems… it works with them to improve coordination and situational awareness.

The missing link

Let the Evertel platform be your new communications base. Use it in conjunction with all of your tools for an even stronger, united front.

Faster response times

With everyone working together and receiving real-time intelligence, public safety agencies and government officials can provide service and relief more efficiently.

Communicate with responding agencies

Industry-leading Security & Compliance

We understand the critical nature of the data you share as a government agency, so we’ve gone to great lengths to protect it so you can trust that your data stays secure and compliant.

CJIS Compliant
FOIA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
FIPS Validated
Evertel Shield

Strengthen your inter-agency communication
during emergency events

Get up and running in minutes. No hardware. No requirements on IT.
Test with a small team, then add your entire agency

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