Evertel for Fire & Rescue

Evertel streamlines how first responders share and receive critical information in real-time—right from their smartphones.

Evertel for Fire Departments
Trusted by Fire Departments across the country

Improve operations at every level

The Evertel platform is intuitive and works on any smartphone. That means it’s also incredibly easy to deploy

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Control internal communication
Minimize the agency's and city's legal risk for use of non-compliant communication apps
Ensure the entire region remains connected and collaborative
Keep communications transparent and auditable and hold policy-offenders accountable
Improve officer safety with more timely critical intel
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Track employee message reads. No more "I didn't see that"
Team collaboration during shift
Better teamwork and increased morale
Gain peer support for your missions
Reduce crime
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Become fully connected to your team
Increase officer safety
Increase efficiency, teamwork and camaraderie
Reduce legal risk for non-compliance of your team
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Protect your career from fallout of using non-compliant apps
Increase your safety with improved situational awareness
Work more effectively and efficiently
Reduce chance of your phone from being subpoenaed
AZ Firefighters
Fire Chief Central Arizona

Our FD were the lead investigators in a massive arson investigation where 2 of our firefighters almost lost their lives from the explosion. This investigation proved to be extremely complex and difficult for our arson investigators to solve. By creating a “private room” within Evertel, we were able to leverage the support and participation of ALL regional arson investigators instantly, share evidence videos/photos, and within days, discovered the cause of the explosion. Our new state-wide response protocols will save future lives responding to these types of arson-related fires.

TX Firefighters
Deputy Fire Chief Texas

In our city, Police & Fire are staffed for all special events year-round. Now that we have used Evertel for more than 3 years, the lower risk special events like parades and holiday events can be worked within Evertel’s ‘private rooms’, saving a radio channel and overtime pay for dispatchers. With the immediate updates and voice-messaging, we are more efficient and save taxpayer’s money while working these community events.

Captain Surprise FD, Arizona

We heard that our police department started using an App from our firefighters that deploy with the PD’s SWAT team. They expressed how fast & secure information sharing was and they could use any device to access this information. Our current paging system has a character-limit so we decided to invite the Evertel team to our department for a demonstration. We were very impressed with the speed of acceptance in our profession, the security of the platform, and the ability to share patient information from any device to the hospitals in our city. Today our fire department is collaborating with community leaders during any response, working challenging multi-alarm fires in our ‘incident rooms’, planning with school administrators for safety drills, and remotely deploying our ‘incident management team’ from their phones during state-wide crisis events and UASI deployments. These realities would not be possible without Evertel.

Supporting Mission-Critical Workloads

Industry-leading Security & Compliance

We understand the critical nature of the data that first responders share, so we’ve gone to great lengths to protect it so you can trust that your data stays secure and compliant.

CJIS Compliant
FOIA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
FIPS Validated
Military-Grade Encryption

All data within Evertel is protected both at rest and in transit with AES 256 military-grade encryption.

Compliance Mandates

Evertel’s secure cloud solution complies with the FedRAMP High baseline, the DOJ’s CJIS Security Policy, DOD's Cloud Computing SRG, FIPS 140-2, IRS-1075, and other compliance regimes.

Vetted Access

Evertel’s Secure Cloud Platform is managed by U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, and root account access is only granted to entities and root account holders that pass a screening process.

Evertel Shield

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