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Who can use this feature?

This feature is limited to Room Managers and Executive roles only.

Rooms allow you to organize and compartmentalize your conversations in Evertel, so it’s important you have the right people in them. To add someone to a Room, they must be a verified member of your Agency.

How to add people to a room

How to remove people from a room

Room managers and department executives can remove members from a room at any time. View how to remove users on each device type, below… Members and guests of a room cannot remove other members.

Room Managers

Who can use this information?

Those with Executive and Manager status can use this information!

Room Managers are essential to the health of a room’s utilization. Moderation, Bulletins, Inviting Guests, Regional Collaboration… Room Managers oversee the interoperable features that make an agency successful. Please Note the following:

To ensure you have the right people as a Room Manager, see how to add them below:

Adding agency users as Room Managers

Who can be a Room Manager?

Agency users with Employee, Management, or Executive roles can be Room Managers. Guests of a Room cannot & are not intended to have Agency-specific permissions. Therefore, Guests cannot be Room Managers.

Removing Room Managers

Sometimes you’ll have members in a room that you wish to give Managers access- or remove their Manager access. See below, how to edit existing user in a room:

Room Managers Best Practices

On mobile, if you want to change a Room Manager to a room member:

  • First, remove the user from the Room Directory.
  • Then re-add them as a "member" in Add People
  • Simply search the user & select "+ Member" under their name

Room Members made Room Managers

Inviting guests into a room

Who can use this feature?

Only Room Managers or those with Executive roles can invite guests into a room.

Guests are people that are not employees of your agency

Common examples include employees of neighboring agencies, city officials, experts, and community leaders. Guests will only have access to the rooms they are members of.


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