Not yet granted access to an Evertel agency?

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If you received a personal contact invite (which is clarified in the invite email or message you received), then you may ignore this article and continue to use the app as is... 

I finished registration, but I don't see any rooms or notifications...

Hello and welcome to Evertel, new user!

You may have received an email shortly after you finished registration, or an Eve message from our Support Team, informing you have not been granted access to an agency yet. If you are confused, we hope this article helps.

A few pointers:

  • You will want to use the encrypted invite link on Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla (Firefox) to get best results.
  • The request for agency access code will only populate when an invite link is not used, or the browser type was not capable of properly hosting the encryption (see above bullet point for more).
  • If you clicked “skip” under agency access code, then you are currently in a “limbo” status. 

You will need to “add an agency” if you’re account appears like above (there is no agency name or picture in the top left corner). In order to get access to agency rooms and team rooms you will need to find an agency access code (send this link to agency managers or executives only). If you are a guest (you received a guest invite), you may need a new invitation to the room you will be needed. 

If you need any further assistance, please contact us!

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