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Rooms are where the magic happens in Evertel. Consistent, obvious Room names will go a long way to keeping your Department organized and efficient. By using clear, predictable guidelines, Rooms will be easier to locate to share intel in the right places.

Best practices for staying organized

  • If a team focused Room, match the name of the Room to the name of the team. If an event focused Room, match the Room name to the event, including the date of the event.
  • Create an internal guide for naming Rooms and share with all your supervisors and executives
  • Encourage your employees to stay on-topic and conscious of the Room they are posting in

Guidelines for naming Rooms

Using a defined set of guidelines can help keep Room names consistent and obvious. Here are a few examples:

Squad Room
(Squad SE-43)

Name the Room the same name as the squad

Event Room
(U2 Concert on 04/15/19)

Name the Room after the event, with the date

Crisis Room
(Active shooter at Main St. Mall on 05/02/19)

Use the prefix CRISIS
CRISIS-Main St Mall 2019

Scene Room
(Robbery at 101 Emerald Ave)

Use the crime and the location
Robbery-101 Emerald

Announcement Room
(Used to distribute news, policy updates, new protocols)

Keep it simple and direct
Agency Alerts or Announcements

Document your guidelines

To encourage consistency with your Room names, share your guidelines with your management team.

The easiest way to distribute this guideline, is to post it to Evertel! Post it to a Department-wide Room or to a Room you’ve setup for all management-level employees.

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