How Every Law Enforcement Agency Can Protect Their Officers During COVID-19

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Police morning briefing

Historically, 1st responders have relied on pre-shift briefings to receive the latest information, updates, and directives. Even though this communication is essential, this practice may not allow for recommended CDC social distancing. Morning briefings/shift briefings are continuing to evolve for 1st responders as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

In many agencies, responders deemed ‘non-essential’ are told to take their ambulances or squad cars home and not attend the morning briefing. Informal communications are not bound by pre-defined channels or routes and are noncompliant. Now 1st responders are searching for an appropriate virtual solution.

How are our 1st responders expected to get the latest updates, information, protocols, and directives?

As you know, instant communication is critical during crisis deployments and even more so during a pandemic. Rumors from informal communications can be disturbing and detracting. There’s a chance that employees will start relying on social media for information where there could be numerous false stories. During this pandemic, responders must be updated with real-time updates and notifications on daily work procedures.

Instant communication is needed, but where can 1st responders find a secure online platform?

Free apps not secure

Public or Free Software Lacks Security

1st response agencies using free or public software are finding a significant lack of security. The information they share in internal management communications is not created to be shared with the general public and these free apps are not secure. Agencies are finding far and wide that public solutions aren’t giving the compliant communication tools needed for crisis communication. 

Evertel is proving to be the preferred solution for hundreds of agencies across the country.

First responder communication

Evertel Makes Communication Easy and Secure

Evertel is the definitive source for accurate information for 1st responders. Misinformation, rumors, and false sources can lead to significant management issues and breed massive mistrust for responding agencies. Responders relying on public information or user-generated sources can often be acting on inaccurate information which may hurt a crisis response effort. It also could impact the overall effectiveness of the responding agencies

Evertel gives responders this information as it is updated, ensures departmental compliance, and verifies that each responder has received the information.

Changing Protocols are Immediately Communicated

Ever-changing protocols during crisis time are sent to 1st responders in real-time through Evertel with corresponding documentation, checklists, and instructional media. Most agencies are updating their protocols frequently during this pandemic.

The goal of changing protocols is to ensure 1st responders are safe, secure, and fully equipped to handle situations they may have never come across before. The Philadelphia police department has, for example, updated their COVID-19 protocols 15 times during March and April.

Evertel Helps 1st Responders Stay Connected While Distancing

1st responders can’t stay home, work remotely, and often do not have the luxury of social distance. With Evertel, these individuals are given the opportunity to reduce their risks of infecting themselves and each other significantly.

See how Evertel is keeping our 1st responders respectfully separate yet fully connect at more than 100 agencies nationwide. Request a quick demo today and one of our law enforcement professionals can show you how Evertel can help.

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