Justice Department $1.6 Billion LE Grant Announcement—Get Evertel to Reduce Violent Crime!

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On December 20, 2021, the Department of Justice announced that they would be opening up $1.6 billion in grant awards to law enforcement and public safety agencies across the county. The funds will be issued to agencies that are ready to work more efficiently and reduce violent crime faster than ever before—and strengthen their communities along the way.

The Office of Justice Programs are designed to provide training, technical support and ongoing resources, such as grant funds, to improve our nation’s fight against crime and commitment to upholding the law and our rights. Yet all too often, agencies are unaware or have overlooked the value that these programs can provide for their teams. A little education can go a long way, and hopefully this article will help your agency discover the possibilities for making your team even stronger!

OJP Grant Awards to Reduce Crime and Build True Interoperability

As explained by Attorney General Garland, “This latest round of funding will deliver critical public safety resources, helping public safety professionals, victim service providers, local agencies and nonprofit organizations confront these serious challenges.”

Moving toward true interoperability has proven to be the most logical “next step” for advancing these public safety and reducing crime. When agencies can connect with other first responders and law enforcement throughout their region, and even across the state, they become more effective in addressing the safety concerns that affect their communities most.

In order to achieve interoperability, though, agencies need a communications solution that finally puts everyone on the same page, collaborating in one single place. That solution is Evertel. And it’s arguably the most relevant and meaningful resource for agencies to present to the DOJ to secure these new grant funds. Because Evertel allows agencies pursue new means of interoperability and work more efficiently, the solution clearly answers the primary goals of the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants Program, in particular:

  • Working faster to prevent and reduce crime
  • Advancing racial equity in the pursuit of justice
  • Caring for victims and enhance the rule of law

Adopting the Evertel app as your agency’s go-to platform for communications not only helps instantly align your process with the state and federal records retention requirements, it also allows you to streamline your public safety efforts across the board. Your officers and management will be sharing intelligence in real-time, which means faster responses and better coordination. You’ll be able to seamlessly collaborate with your neighboring agencies to address violent crime, pool your resources, and increase officer safety across the board.

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Law enforcement needs a secure communications solution that’s actually compliant and custom-built for this industry and line of work. What’s more—we need a platform that provides instant messaging. Reducing crime in our communities starts with great collaboration and communication. Less radio chatter. No more endless email chains.

The Evertel app lets you organize all of your conversations in designated chatrooms. This makes it simple to establish a clear chain of command for any investigation, as well as disaster and crisis events. Team members can even review any and all of the updates that occurred while off-shit. That way, no one is ever left out of the loop.

It’s time to secure new grant funding for your agency—with Evertel. Just contact us to get started. Our team has already helped one client (based in Mississippi) secure funds from one of these grants for new agency funding. We’d be more than happy to work with your agency too.

The grant application process is relatively straightforward. And we’ll make it even easier for you because we can reference our past success. Let us show you how to author the grant for the best possible outcome!

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