NBC Reports Increased Instances of Domestic Violence During Quarantine – Evertel helps 1st responders stay safe during these stressful times.

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Police and 1st responders need access to the most current pandemic information

Overview: Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and new self-quarantining recommendations, domestic disturbance calls have been on the rise. According to a recent NBC article, major police departments report as much as a 20% increase in reported incidents and that’s likely to rise. In addition to the increased calls, departments are implementing new protocols to ensure the safety of their officers and other 1st responders.  

During a viral pandemic, safety response procedures for 1st responders are ever-changing, often based on recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and Surgeon General. These protocols get updated at the department level, where the need is for real-time updates, and bulletins to be sent directly, in real-time to the responders in the field both before and after calls. Prior to responding to any domestic disturbances all officers can be updated with the latest protocols and beat intelligence. 

The two-way instant communication that Evertel provides to 1st responders not only keeps those in the field compliant with Federal and State regulations but allows the same 1st responders the opportunity to feed data real-time back to fellow 1st responders in their squad and region.

During times of heightened stress caused by quarantining, loss of income, and potential health issues, officers and 1st responders need to be even more prepared than normal when responding to a domestic disturbance call. Stress caused by loss of income, quarantining, limited opportunities to “blow off steam” combined with widespread health risks creates a hotbed for violence and danger.

With Evertel, 1st responders arrive at a call with information at their fingertips. Previous responders using Evertel can send real-time field intelligence back to their department and other agencies contributing to the effectiveness of subsequent responders & agencies. With Evertel all relevant information is kept up-to-date and delivered in mere moments. Historical systems can take hours or even days to get real-world information to 1st responders. Notes and bulletins around a specific neighborhood, specific homes and specific individuals are instantly shareable through Evertel ensuring responders are approaching every call armed with the best tools in the form of information.

Officers in the field have real-time access to changing departmental procedures

The Challenge and How Evertel Keeps Responders in the Loop:

Coupling real-time field data with access to ever-changing field protocols and beat intelligence associated with the current viral pandemic ensures the maximum degree of safety for 1st responders. Historically the access to the relevant protocol and field data could take hours or even days, which can render it mostly useless to those responding to immediate threats.

  • Evertel is providing real-time field intelligence from 1st responders departments and subsequent responders, helping keep them updated on vital intelligence.
  • No questions about departmental procedures for health and safety; an officer simply checks the latest intel and follows the protocol to ensure departmental procedural adherence.

The Results: 

  • By implementing Evertel’s platform, 1st responders to domestic disturbance calls can instantly share information with headquarters, social services or other 1st responders. 
  • 1st responders arriving at a domestic disturbance call can reference previous responders notes, preparing them for special issues like drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues or a history of violence (long term or as a result of current climate stresses) so as to best assess and diffuse the situation.

The compliant multi-channel communication provided by Evertel is second to none in the industry of 1st responder and government communication. As a commitment to keep 1st responders safe in the field, Evertel has built our platform on the years of experience of our team, including Chief of Police (retired) Jeff Halstead, Fort Worth Texas. 

We provide free staff training and implementation assistance through every stage of implementation.

Don’t let a few dollars per user, per month, stop you from advancing technology the same day you start using Evertel!

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