Evertel for 911 Call Centers

A more organized way to work

It’s time to stop relying on email for important intel. Upgrade to Evertel for instant, un-cluttered communication.

State of TX
Police Chief North Texas

We did not like using email since finding information was impossible… it takes forever. With Evertel, the speed of communications is great. I check Evertel messages immediately and customizing my tones & alerts are important due to the volume of messages I get everyday. Today, our employees are more informed than ever.

Iowa County EMS
Emergency Manager Iowa County

We are using Evertel to create a chatroom for all regional employees to work and deploy floods. When the flood is over, this room is used to create our after-action report and overtime/deployment tracking in case federal funds are submitted for reimbursement. Within hours, we have a complete report with minimal employee effort.

City of Cedar Hill Texas
City Manager Cedar Hill, Texas

When our nation experienced the global pandemic in late March, 2020. We implemented all EOC branches in private rooms on our city’s Evertel platform. In less than an hour, we were fully deployed and had the ability to update all key leaders in the city as well as elected officials on our city’s response regarding Covid-19.

Share Intel

Increase officer safety

911 call centers are the nucleus of all public safety responses.  You need the ability to share critical information on a massive scale instantly with no phone calls, emails, or clunky messaging platforms that were not created for your profession.

Share intel of any type, instantly

Share photos, videos, BOLOs, and documents. All can be shared to small or massive networks in less than 1 second. An informed officer is a safer officer.

Keep teams informed with Evertel

Improve response times for delivering resources

When a crisis happens, all agencies want to send help, support, and needed resources.  This is one of the most frustrating challenges for your call center.  There are SO many notifications to make using calls or emails, and at the same time, you & your team are still leading through an ongoing crisis.

With Evertel, you have the power to share what is needed and where to send them across your entire region or state in seconds! 

Powerful statewide notifications

Increase the speed of any NIMS and FEMA response. When notifications are made to all public safety employees in Evertel, this drastically improves response times for needed resources.


Making law enforcement smarter with instant intelligence

Evertel gives all public safety employees the information they need to do their job and stay safe!  Information can be securely shared to any smartphone, desktop, or MDC so those on the move are still informed and in-sync.

Evertel minimize distrations
Remove information bottlenecks
Evertel vs Email: Stay included

Stop the information silos

Email isolates information — you can only see the conversations you’ve been included in. But with Evertel’s rooms, everyone sees the same messages simultaneously, so your team knows who’s responsible for what and how to move work forward.

Important information gets buried

Critical intel is visible and in-context

Key information gets isolated
Information is easily accessible
Everything carries the same weight
You decide what gets prioritized

Built for 1st responders, by 1st responders

Our CEO is a retired major city Chief of Police and served in law enforcement for 27 years. That’s why Evertel is so effective. It’s specifically designed to enhance the real-time, critical nature of your work.

Law Enforcement

Fight crime more efficiently and effectively with instant intelligence sharing and organized chatrooms

Emergency Management

Address crisis events faster than ever with a stronger, truly interoperable communications network

Fire & Rescue

Coordinate your efforts and get all of the information you need—before you’re on the scene


Stay informed with immediate updates from your public safety agencies and first responders

Evertel Shield

Get up and running in minutes. No hardware. No requirements on IT.
Test with a small team, then add your entire agency

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