Law Enforcement Communications Policy Enhancements

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There are 3 major reasons for implementing policy in your agency:

  1. To gain voluntary compliance for performance expectations (reduce risk, injury, litigation)
  2. Because there was NO policy and a lawsuit was filed or settled (mandating the new policy)
  3. Technology has advanced to the point where policy needed to be created and/or updated (body-cams)

The challenge with the majority of policy discussion, drafting, editing, executive review, and publishing is how long it takes.  We have all heard the story that by the time you actually publish “policy XX”, it is already outdated.

At Evertel, we worked with national policing leaders, consultants, and law specialists to draft a policy specifically for all police agencies in the U.S.  With more than 18,000 agencies in policing, it is impossible to create a ‘policy for all’, just ask the Department of Justice.  With these policy drafts, they can be applied to “personally-owned” phones or “department-owned” phones. 

To give you a head-start, download the following policy drafts as modify needed:

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