Ready for Interdepartmental Communication? Onboard Your Team to Evertel

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First responders already know how to move quickly when a disaster hits or a crisis breaks out. But there are still opportunities to make team collaboration even stronger. Agencies that focus on interdepartmental communication streamline their efforts and their resources.


The Benefits of Interdepartmental Communication

 Imagine being able to connect with all of your employees simultaneously. Not through the radio, and not with a massive agency-wide email. The best first responder and police communication tactics are simple and straightforward.

In terms of interdepartmental communication during a crisis, your messages need to get out instantly. And reading and responding to those communications should be able to happen right from a smartphone.

Standard texting isn’t the answer, though. Your tactics need to remain compliant with the right encryption and security functions. But they also need to be instant. What if you could send quick messages to individual team members, reach out to other leaders, or even send critical alerts and updates to every first responder in your area? 

For many agencies, that level of efficiency has never been an option. But now there’s finally a solution to get everyone on the same page. That solution is Evertel—the most effective community communication app that’s specifically-designed for public safety. 



How to Manage Your App Onboarding 

You can use everything on the Evertel platform right from your laptop or in the field on your smartphone. Plus, going with Evertel also helps your agency immediately align with state and federal records retention requirements.

Email has proven to be slow and unorganized. The best communicative strategy for leaders will need to be instant and clearly cataloged. That’s why Evertel is so great. You get a simple app onboarding process because the entire platform is intuitive, like texting.

The Evertel app onboarding process really couldn’t be easier. You just start by reaching out for your agency’s free trial. Then our team will get to work. We’ll create your account and discuss your login options together. After that, you can start exploring all of the police communication and interoperability app features that make Evertel so unique. 

You can build teams and set up chat rooms for different discussion topics. Evertel even lets you connect with agencies outside of your jurisdiction. The result is a communicative strategy that actually works. Evertel can help you solve crimes faster, coordinate your emergency response, get updates and alerts sent out instantly to all of your employees, and more.

Because the solution was designed by individuals with real-world experience in public safety, everything is built for how first responder and police communication actually works. As part of your app onboarding, we can even arrange for a team member to fly to your city and host the executive training for all chiefs, sheriffs, and other community leaders.


Get Evertel—and Get True Interoperability

Reducing crime and ensuring a nimble response for crisis management requires a better system for interdepartmental communication. No single team can address these goals alone.

With Evertel, it all comes back to interoperability. Agencies that already have an Evertel account can easily invite guest users to expand their collaboration across an even wider region. You aren’t limited to a single department or even your employees.

This is your solution for an effective community communication app. We’ve specifically designed our first responder app onboarding process to be user-friendly and helpful for everyone. And you can take it as far as you want to go. Maybe you want to connect with other first responders in your neighboring counties. Or maybe you need to start coordinating a task force with agencies all throughout the state. Evertel can help.

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