S.B. 944 (TX) – A Summary for Law Enforcement Executives

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You can view the full version of the Act here

Here are the highlights of S.B. 944 for Chiefs / Sheriffs:

  • If a current or former employee used a privately owned device (phone/tablet), they shall forward the information (data) to the government body or government body server to be preserved

It is important to note that you, as the Agency Head, are responsible for creating policy to outline how you will conform to this amendment.  Evertel is a solution where ANY device’s information (data) is stored in the cloud and accessible via your encrypted portal at any time. Your Departmental data cannot be deleted or altered and can be downloaded to server you control at any time, or at pre-determined intervals.

  • Will preserve the information (data) in its ‘original form’ ON the privately owned device for the time required by law (no editing, deleting ever)

It is unrealistic to assume that any agency can verify that EVERY text message is held in the ‘original form’.   With Evertel, your employees departmental communication data is stored in the cloud and cannot be altered, deleted or changed and they are stored forever.

  • Each public information officer must carefully protect all public information from deterioration, alteration, mutilation, loss, or unlawful removal

This is automatically preserved within your encrypted portal that you own, control and have full and  complete access to 24/7

  • Employee’s do not have a personal or property right to information collected or received during the course of business

By having all data and information automatically stored in your agency’s encrypted portal, YOU have the full rights to this information and data.

  •  A ‘temporary custodian’ with possession, custody, or control of public information shall surrender or return the information to the governmental body not later than the 10th day after the date the officer for public information of the governmental body or the officer’s agent requests the temporary custodian to surrender or return the information

With Evertel’s Executive ‘audit’ feature, you can access this data in moments.  Designated employees can easily search all data & information (voce, video, text, images) when a request is received and gain full compliance with a few key strokes on your desktop.

  • This act takes effect on September 1st, 2019

Yes, there is little time to begin searching for a company that can bring you to immediate compliance.  Evertel is the only solution and can be deployed in your agency in as little as one business day.

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