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Instant communication & collaboration for school districts

How your district will respond in a crisis is based strongly on your day-to-day communication and collaboration habits. Without an autonomous system, panic and failure can set in.

Evertel is your solution for both routine collaboration and crisis communication, with a direct line to law enforcement.

Crisis communication

Maintain a direct line of communication with local law enforcement... especially during crisis events!

Communication breakdowns during crisis events have led to tragic consequences over the years. Unfortunately, a common theme can be identified: It’s necessary to have a communication strategy in place¬†before chaos unfolds.

With Evertel, your entire team will be accustomed to district-wide, instantaneous communication with direct access to law enforcement. The same platform you use for day-to-day messaging will also be standing by in the event of an emergency.


Get everyone on the same page at the same time.

Having a go-to solution for communication and collaboration can greatly improve the effectiveness and productivity of your entire district on a daily basis. During a crisis, lives can depend on a rapid response and tight collaboration.

School Crisis Response Team

Handle everything from planning and emergency drills to actual crisis situations, all in one place.

SRO's and Faculty

Keep communication open between resource officers and faculty. Quickly discuss special events or address an urgent issue.

Campus Security

Quickly report suspicious activity with the ability to instantly share images, videos, and audio. Collaborate to address potential threats.

Evertel Shield

Get up and running in minutes. No hardware. No requirements on IT.
Test with a small team, then add your entire agency

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