BLUE becomes Evertel – Why the name change?

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All of us on the team are excited to share the news regarding our new name – Evertel.

No, we didn’t change ownership, get bought or sold, change markets or our mission. What DID change was the need to bring our branding in line with significant developments, both in the organization and the market that we serve.

Many of you know of us as a Law Enforcement product and in fact in our early stages that’s where we cut our teeth. However thanks to the input of Law Enforcement and other 1st Responders nation-wide our product has expanded and evolved into an intra-discipline, intra-departmental encrypted, invite only  communications network for Police, Fire, Paramedics, Military and Government.

And so… BLUE just didn’t adequately express who we really are.

Welcome to Evertel
Encrypted Communication for 1st Responders

Same team, same management, same commitment to serving the community.

We look forward to welcoming your Agency to Evertel.

Jeff Halstead
Founder and CEO, Evertel

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