Why Teams May Not Be a Fit for Your Agency?

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Evertel v. Teams

Microsoft Teams is a well-known and oft preferred collaboration app for businesses; it offers communication pathways for virtual meetings, calls, and social activity. Its user intuitiveness makes it a favorite choice among companies for intraoffice communication.  However, when it comes to the security needs and interagency collaboration for law enforcement, Microsoft Teams cannot compete with the seamless interagency communication and encrypted data and security of Evertel.  

Seamless Interagency Communication

There is little lost in translation when government agencies choose Evertel for interagency collaboration. The app is able to seamlessly connect law enforcement because Evertel is built for first responders by first responders. You can rest assured that law enforcement communication has never been more secure. Evertel offers both a clean and user-friendly interface as well as consistent security compliance regardless of your agency or location. Law enforcement collaboration is instant, direct, simple, and trusted. You can connect and have compliant officer communications between officers instantaneously.  

Encrypted Data and Security

Perhaps above all else when discussing first responder and officer communication, security comes to mind.  How can sensitive intelligence be shared without concern of it falling into the wrong hands?  Since its conception, Evertel has built a secure platform from top to bottom. All encrypted data on Evertel’s cloud platform is managed by U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.  Root account holders–think super admin–are only granted access through a stringent screening process.  Evertel continuously monitors for malicious or unauthorized behavior using Amazon GuardDuty.  

When it comes to the users themselves, department admins can limit access to sensitive data by individual, time, and location. Users are required to use two-factor identification each time they attempt to log in from a new device and are able to set up Face ID and Touch ID in order to further protect accounts. Officer communication is both encrypted, as well as protected against screenshots for exterior distribution.  Screenshots are prevented on Android devices, and an iPhone user will be immediately alerted If a message were screenshot upon delivery.  Evertel works to maintain law enforcement communication compliance for you and removes the burden of the user knowing the latest compliance codes.  For example, Evertel disables all native sharing options on mobile devices–taking away the margin for human error.    At last, law enforcement communication compliance is made simple and foolproof.  

Collaboration apps have become an integral piece to most professionals day to day operations.  Teams, zoom, Webex are just a few platforms that have become commonplace in daily office language.  However,  first responders and law enforcement are not your typical office job.  Government agencies’ needs are uniquely perilous and require a collaboration app that is built specifically with your security needs in mind.

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